Our home progress.

Happy Saturday!! So it’s been several months, and our home is so close to being finished! We plan to move in this by this fall! It’s super exciting, and a lot of work at the same time! So many things to think about when building, you want to make sure you leave nothing out. WeContinue reading “Our home progress.”

Family Ohio Pyle Hike

Highlights from last years hiking trip…journalling for them to look back and remember. Cherishing everyday together. Salamander spotting! Mommy doesn’t touch them Chad always finds adventure wherever we go. Our trip to Ohio Pyle last year we’ll definitely never forget. A landmark only 45 minutes away, visited by nearly 1.5 million adventurous people yearly. ItContinue reading “Family Ohio Pyle Hike”

this is us.

Welcome! This is our little space in the big and beautiful world. Hi, I’m Hannah, my husband Chad, and our kids Brock and Ryley. This is our family journal of; adventure, simple moments shared, food favorites, wellness tips, and helpful hints for diabetics (my hubby’s one). Thanks for stopping by! A little about me –Continue reading “this is us.”