Local farm strawberry picking.

We love picking strawberries every year at a local farm! The last few years my sister and I bring our kids, which they love and we always benefit form extra hands picking more strawberries. Then we go home and create delicious desserts or jelly. So fun. She always inches down the slide. So funny. LoveContinue reading “Local farm strawberry picking.”

Mango/Banana/Vegan/Protein breakfast smoothie.

Fruit and protein smoothies are so easy and filling in the morning! The kids even love them. Such an easy breakfast full of protein and fruit. RECIPE: 1 cup (approx.) frozen banana cubes 3/4-1 cup frozen mango chuncks 1 cup (approx.) unsweetened almond milk 2-3 packets of Stevia sweetener, or sweetener of choice 1 TBSPContinue reading “Mango/Banana/Vegan/Protein breakfast smoothie.”

A special announcement.

So I’ve already mentioned baby #3 here but here’s the official announcement! In December of this year our family is growing to a family of 5! It still feels so fresh and new to say, we’re so excited to welcome our third little baby into the world. December comes shortly after our anticipated “move-in” date.Continue reading “A special announcement.”

More house progress.

Drywall is going up! Now we’re in the process of picking out light fixtures, flooring and paint. (The fun stuff!). Below is our kitchen, so exciting seeing everything come together! Basement stairs in place! The temporary ones are gone. And now…plaster is starting! Choosing our house color scheme, and continuing to fill my Pinterest boardsContinue reading “More house progress.”

Strawberry Breakfast Muffins//gluten-free, low-sugar, high protein, (Vegan option)

Starting spring off right with freshly picked local, strawberries. These beauties taste so much better than store-bought! But if store-bought is all you have access to, I promise these healthy tasty treats won’t disappoint. RECIPE: 2 cups almond flour 2 tsp. baking powder 1/4 tsp himalayan sea salt 4 TBSP butter, melted (coconut oil forContinue reading “Strawberry Breakfast Muffins//gluten-free, low-sugar, high protein, (Vegan option)”

Day in the life of a diabetic.

So by no means am I a “diabetic expert”. Not at all. But my husband is a diabetic, and I’m always on the look out for new and excited foods to put in his lunch. He gets a lunch obviously 5 sometimes more days a week. I like mixing things up, and always adding inContinue reading “Day in the life of a diabetic.”

Chocolate Covered Pretzels-A Memorial Day Treat

Correct, this is not a “diabetic-friendly” recipe…but, I’ve been making these for years now and their sort of a tradition! Plus their great to give as gifts for any holiday, party favors and so on. You can also make them any size you like! So below is a picture of 2 large rods together. I’veContinue reading “Chocolate Covered Pretzels-A Memorial Day Treat”

Sugar-free Gluten-free Berry Custard Pie

Indulgence is key to help keep my diabetic guy on track. Well, indulgence on the “right” foods, especially desserts like this one!! We both have a sweet tooth, so I’m always playing around with recipes attempting to make them more healthy. He loves this pie, and it’s so easy and delicious. WHAT YOU NEED FORContinue reading “Sugar-free Gluten-free Berry Custard Pie”

Our home progress.

Happy Saturday!! So it’s been several months, and our home is so close to being finished! We plan to move in this by this fall! It’s super exciting, and a lot of work at the same time! So many things to think about when building, you want to make sure you leave nothing out. WeContinue reading “Our home progress.”

“Sushi” bowls and peanut dressing recipe

This was so good! There’s actually no real sushi in the bowl pictured, I used an easy SteakUm for the meat eaters in my home. So it’s actaully more like a buddha bowl, but I like the name sushi bowl better. A sushi bowl consists of: rice, protein (raw fish, or cooked protein of anyContinue reading ““Sushi” bowls and peanut dressing recipe”