pros of owning a small hobby farm.

To those looking into or thinking of getting a small hobby farm, I would tell you that it’s been such a wonderful asset to our family! There’s just so many things about our little farm that I love. For one thing, it’s a “hobby” farm, so it’s not like we have a ton of workContinue reading “pros of owning a small hobby farm.”

Simple tips to make your house feel more like home.

A house is just a house. The people inside make up the home. A little thought and decorating can go a long way! And by the way…I’m no expert! Being completely honest our home isn’t decorated 100% just yet, but it’s a process! It’s a lot of fun decorating each room, little by little. SoContinue reading “Simple tips to make your house feel more like home.”

Strawberry Cake Muffins-adapted from Ina Garten).

We “bake/put together” a lot of whole food snack treats. Raw honey, flax, almond meal, chocolate chips that kind of thing. So when we bake a fun recipe like this it’s worth documenting! Here’s my version of the Ina classic. Our version of Ina’s Coffee Cake Muffins. ingredients: 12 TBSP butter, unsalted room-temperature 1 1/2Continue reading “Strawberry Cake Muffins-adapted from Ina Garten).”

5 tips on making Easter feel normal this year.

Changes in our America due to the virus aren’t allowing us to celebrate Easter, or Ressurection Sunday like we normally would. Here are 5 great ways to make Easter feel a little bit more “normal” this year! #1. Decorate! Even if it’s just a few plastic eggs in a basket, or whatever decorating you normallyContinue reading “5 tips on making Easter feel normal this year.”

Banana Spinach Lemon Smoothie (high protein)

Here it is! Here’s the recipe if you want a high protein, low in fat, full of greens smoothie. No fluff, just high-density nutrition…right here. RECIPE INGREDIENTS: 3/4 cup frozen spinach (I buy fresh bagged, then freeze it and add this) Small handful of ice 2 packets of Stevia sweetener or sweetener of choice 1/2Continue reading “Banana Spinach Lemon Smoothie (high protein)”

Brown-bagged, diabetic-friendly, blood sugar stable lunch.

Six years of packing lunches for a diabetic, you learn some things along the way. What to do and what not to do. My Chad is a diabetic, so we’re constantly looking for healthy foods that will support good blood sugars for him. Here’s I’m sharing super fast, and easy tips for packing a goodContinue reading “Brown-bagged, diabetic-friendly, blood sugar stable lunch.”

Camping getaway.

Chad and I started a yearly family tradition of camping. Every trip we’ve taken has been such a sweet, fun experience (actually…except for one when I was 8 months pregnant with Ryley, another story for another time.) This trip was filled with camp fires, S’mores, fishing, bike rides, boat trips, and just being together withContinue reading “Camping getaway.”

Healthy peanut butter/molasses/iron-rich popcorn.

First off, I cannot take credit for this recipe. I got this from a cookbook I bought, attending a “10 Steps to Better Health” class hosted by our Chiropractor and his wife. Both super educational, and have been in the health world for decades. This popcorn is a healthy/iron-rich way to enjoy “caramel popcorn” butContinue reading “Healthy peanut butter/molasses/iron-rich popcorn.”

Progression: a home tour.

I thought it’s be fun to “walk through” our soon to be forever home and show you what almost every room looks like. To start here’s the garage! Up to the right is the doorway to the mudroom. Although I do hop ewe avoid as much “mud” as possible. Once you walk through the mudContinue reading “Progression: a home tour.”