5 tips on making Easter feel normal this year.

Changes in our America due to the virus aren’t allowing us to celebrate Easter, or Ressurection Sunday like we normally would.

Here are 5 great ways to make Easter feel a little bit more “normal” this year!

#1. Decorate!

Even if it’s just a few plastic eggs in a basket, or whatever decorating you normally do for Easter. Having the kids help with decorating, and putting out some eggs always makes it feel more festive! The kids “Gigi” bought them this adorable garland for the mantle, such a sweet addition! And the lavender flowers cake from my mom. I picked up the bunnies a few years ago at a craft store, all together it makes a cozy, sweet space the kids love.

#2. Fun Hairstyles.

Us girls played around with braiding and did two inside-out braids.

#3 Family pictures.

I already bought the kids Easter outfits, so we took photos in front of the fireplace. You could take pics outside, on a bench, around the table. We made it fun…well, more like I bribed the kids into taking pics by giving them Nerds and gummy bears. (Ugh)

#4 Paint Eggs.

Theres nothing more fun than paint, right?! The kids love painting eggs, and I especially love it when their hard faux eggs from the craft store. Easy, no breaking, making memories…done!

#5 Tell them the Easter story.

Why do we have ressurection Sunday? We love opening the Bible and sharing with them the very FIRST Easter Sunday, when Jesus rose from the dead. You can find the story in the Bible book of Matthew 27 and 28. (If you don’t have a Bible there are plenty of free Bible websites you can read it off of, I like this one http://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org ).

What’s everyone doing this Easter!? We are celebrating with family at a later date…as long as there’s an egg hunt the kids won’t know a difference. 🙂 Happy Easter everyone!


Published by hannahyerkey

Lover of life, my husband Chad, and our three kids. I love cooking and baking low-sugar, but still delicious, foods for my Chad who’s a diabetic. We leave room for occasional indulgent foods too! Constantly on the hunt for natural, alternative ways to incorporate to stay healthy. Saved by grace. Lastly adventure and spontaneity are everything...oh, and coffee too.

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