Sugar-free, Antioxidant Rich, Strawberry Lemonade

Happy Food for Friday. This is such a delicious, refreshing drink to enjoy especially in the spring and summer! I make it using “Truvia” (a stevia-based sweetener, so my type 1 diabetic husband can enjoy it guilt free.) But you can use whatever sweetener you prefer.


In plastic mixer combine the following ingrediants

3 lemons, juiced (4 lemons if using slices to garnish)

1-2 tbsp Truvia sweetener (or sweetener of choice)

5-7 strawberries, preferably organic, with stews taken off

1 medium-sized handful of ice

2-3 cups purified water

BLEND all ingredients in your bullet, about 40 seconds. Pour into a glass, with a slice of lemon on the rim, and enjoy. Can last up to 3 days in the fridge. Best if enjoyed immediately. We love this guilt-free strawberry lemonade on a hot summer evening! Enjoy your antioxidants!

The secret: use either a high-powered blender, or for a slightly thiner drink use a juicer. I used a Nutribullet for the lemonade pictured, which is a little thicker than a juicer would make it. Either way you make it, you’ll still fall in love. Guilt-free, simple, and easy to make.


Juice following ingrediants

3 lemons, peeled

5-7 strawberries, preferably organic, with stews taken off

Juice, then add the following ingredients:

1-2 tbsp Truvia sweetener, or sweetener of choice. (may have to pre-grind the Truvia in coffee grinder, so it won’t be granular.)

2-3 cups purified water

BEST if chilled before serving, or serve with ice!


Published by hannahyerkey

Lover of life, my husband Chad, and our three kids. I love cooking and baking low-sugar, but still delicious, foods for my Chad who’s a diabetic. We leave room for occasional indulgent foods too! Constantly on the hunt for natural, alternative ways to incorporate to stay healthy. Saved by grace. Lastly adventure and spontaneity are everything...oh, and coffee too.

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